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1926-27 T' Chassis & Parts


CCR's 1926-27 Chassis will give you everything you need to build a great car. To begin with, CCR offers you a choice of standard width frame or V-8 width frame. Both frames offer a no-hassle approach to mounting your body, as they have stock dimension mounting holes. If you're going to run a V-6 or V-8 motor in your street rod, the V-8 width frame is your perfect choice. It gives you the room you need (see dimensions below). We recommend using the V-8 width frame in all applications. To give your car that cool, low street rod look, the CCR designed front crossmember lowers the front suspension 2 inches. For strength and dependability the frames are made of 1 1/2" x 3" x 3/16" (.188) rectangular tubing and 100% Heli-arc welded in a precision built CCR jig. The rear crossmember allows the use of a conventional rear-end or a Jag rear-end, it's your call. Whether you choose the most complete chassis stage or a bare frame and add to it as your budget and time allows, CCR can take the hassle out of constructing a great car with quality components that work together. 

ROOM FOR A V-8 NO HASSLES - If you're going to put a V-6 or a V-8 motor in your car, CCR's '26-27 chassis is designed wider just for you. It's larger dimensions give you the necessary room for the bigger motor, but the chassis will still fit all body styles.

*KICKED UP REAR - CCR can offer you a 1926-'27 frame or chassis with a kicked up rear to lower your ride    Kick-up on any stage   add $200.00


STAGE 1  Our '26-'27 frames have CCR's own front crossmember which lowers the front suspension 2 full inches. Built from 3/16 (.188) wall tubing for extra strength. Whether you choose the standard width or CCR's V-8 width frame, it can be set up for a conventional rear-end or a Jaguar rear-end.

Stock Width Frame

  •            22104 • Stage 1 for Coil-Overs           $1350.00 

V-8 Width Frame                                                         

  •            22114 • Stage 1 for coil-Overs           $1350.00
  •            22116 • Stage 1 for Jag                    $1850.00


  • 89417 Frame Webbing, 1 1/2" x 1/8"- 20' roll, (with adhesive)     $36.95
  • 89845 Frame/Body I.D. Plate     $4.95


STAGE 2  The stage 2 frame is a great start to your street rod. It's a brand new CCR frame with all the mounting brackets welded in place. You can begin mounting your motor, trans, and rear-end and just add to it as you want to.

V-8 Width Frame                                                                                          

  •              22224 • Stage 2 for Coil-Overs        $2450.00
  •              22226 • Stage 2 for Jag                   $2950.00


STAGE 3  Looking for a chassis to build your '26 or '27 onto. The stage 3 is what you need. With the front and rear 4-link suspension, coil-overs, steering box, brake pedal assembly, and front spring, axle and shocks, this is the perfect chassis for your car.

V-8 Width Chassis                                                                                        

  •              22354 • Stage 3 with coil-overs        $7440.00
  •              22356 • Stage 3 set up for Jag         $8300.00

                                   *(Jaguar rear-end  not included)                              ________________________________________________________

STAGE 4  Stage 4 is the most complete chassis package we offer. It includes a complete stage 3 chassis plus the front disc brakes and calipers, as well as, the master cylinder. Includes Housing and new 31 spline axles and 11" HD Drum Brakes

V-8 Width Chassis                                                                                        

  •                22464 • Stage 4 with coil-overs               $10,400.00
  •                 w/ optional 3rd member              $????.00
  •                  Includes New Axles 
  •                22466 • Stage 4 set up for Jag           $8750.00

                   (Jaguar rear-end not included) incl. power brake unit   

  •            *w/optional weld-on running board brackets ........add $350.00
  •            *w/optional bolt-on running board brackets .........add $N/A    
  •            *Assy. Charge for Will Call (For Stage 4 chassis)    $400.00

XJ STOCK WIDTH JAG If you are ordering a 1926-27 chassis with a kicked-up rear and are using the XJ stock width Jag please add $125.00 to chassis price.


CHROME PACKAGES Add the beauty of chrome to your new chassis order. Chrome packages are available for the stage 3 & 4 chassis (see chart for list of parts).

  •                    Coil-Over Chrome Package       add $2550.00
  •                    22000 • Front Crossmember                 $150.00                                               (5 pieces, un-welded)
  •                     22001 • Front Crossmember                 $210.00                                               (5 pieces, welded)                                                                                    

CHASSIS OPTIONS After you have decided which chassis you need, you may choose from some options available to you.

Kicked-up rear crossmember                                  add $200.00                        


What Do You Get With It ? ....... These are the parts that come with a coil-over chassis, other set-ups will come with their respective pieces.

STAGE 1   Frame with front & rear crossmember • Body Tabs

STAGE 2   Front Upper Shock Mount Tubes • Motor Mount Brkts.(Chevy or SB Ford • Front 4-Link Frame Bracket • Steering Box Brkt. (Mustang or Vega) • Master Cylinder / Brake Pedal Bracket • Trans X-member w/Drop-Out Brkt Tabs • Rear 4-Link Frame Bracket • Upper Coil-Over Shock Brackets • Rear Panhard Bar Bracket • Brake Line Tab

STAGE 3 • Front U-Bolt Kit • Front Spring • Front Shackles • Extended Spring Perches • Front Shocks • Tube Axle w/Shock Brkts. welded • Spindles (early Ford w/ arm) King Pin Bushing Kit • Tie-Rod • Front 4-Links with Bushings & Bolt Kit • Axle Bat Wings Steering Box (Mustang or Vega) • Pitman Arm • Drag Link Brake Pedal Arm and Pushrod • Removable Trans Mount • Rear 4-Link with Bushings • Rear 4-Link Housing Bracket Rear 4-Link Bolt Kit • Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks • Coil-Over Shock Bolt Kit • Rear Panhard Bar Kit 

STAGE 4   Front Disc Brake Kit • Front GM Disc Brake Calipers (Specify Ford or Chevy bolt pattern) • Master Cylinder  Ford 9" Housing w/Coil-Over Brackets (9" rear-end options available, see options)