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Roadster Kits

Printable Deluxe Package Flyer & Info

Printable Basic Package Flyer & Info


California Custom Roadsters has been building and manufacturing T-Roadsters for almost 40 years. During this time, we have helped thousands of our customers to build or improve their Hot Rods along with building more than fifty Turnkey cars. This has helped us to help you in designing the foundation of your next Roadster, you put in the finishing touches to make the car your own. You decide the Body and Bed, Motor and Transmission, Grill shell type and Windshield. We will set it up correctly for you.
You can also have us chrome many of the parts included and add-on just about any accessories CCR offers.
So, whether your building a topnotch Show Car or a durable safe Driver, CCR can create the foundation for your next Project
CCR offers two Roadster packages designed for specific build capabilities and budgets. You will be pleased at the level of quality and engineering put into our products. CCR only uses the best materials, Heli-arc welding and top notch vendors.

  • *Heavy wall USA made frame material
  • *Mandrel bent seamless D.O.M. tubing
  • *Precision Laser cut or Stamped brackets
  • *Beautiful Heli-arc Welding
  • *Fiberglass heavy laminated Bodies with integrated reinforced floors
  • *Hand laminated Pickup Beds with floors
  • *CCR Built Windshields and Posts
  • *New Currie Rear End housings, Axles and high quality Brakes.
  • *High quality CCR built Components and Hardware

We build these kits to your order – Body, Wheelbase, Motor/Trans. etc.
Please allow a minimum of ??? weeks for the Basic Package and ??? weeks for the Deluxe Package. 

**Due to the extreme price increases on tubing, brackets and other supplies from vendors, our Frames, Chassis and Kits have gone up significantly. We are sorry for this, but it's out of our control**

CCR Roadster Kit Details CD

ROADSTER KITS – CCR offers two different levels of our Roadster packages, the Basic and the Deluxe versions. Both styles get you past the tough parts of building by having the Body assembly mounted to the Chassis, all the chassis welding is done, including the brackets to the “all new” Rear-end housing. The Windshield and Steering column are also mounted to the body. From here, your build capabilities and budget can determine what is added. We build each one of these to your specific needs, making certain you don’t run into any issues going forward. 

  • 20451 • Basic Roadster Package, Standard T-Body    ea. $9,750.00
  • 20453 • Basic Roadster Package, Standard T-Body with Door   ea. $10,750.00
  • 20456 • Basic Roadster Package, Extended T-Body    ea. $10,250.00
  • 20458 • Basic Roadster Package, Extended T-Body with Door   ea. $10,950.00
  • 20570 • Deluxe Roadster Package, Standard T-Body    ea. $12,950.00
  • 20572 • Deluxe Roadster Package, Standard T-Body with Door    ea. $13,750.00
  • 20575 • Deluxe Roadster Package, Extended T-Body    ea. $13,450.00
  • 20577 • Deluxe Roadster Package, Extended T-Body with Door    ea. $14,350.00
  • 20579 • Deluxe Roadster Package, Slicktrack Roadster Body with Door    ea. $15,500.00