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1928-31 A' Pick-up Chassis



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The Model A pick-up has long been a popular street rod, but allowing it to sit low and still retain an excellent ride has long been a problem. Now, we offer you a solution, a Model A chassis designed by CCR exclusively for the Model A pick-up. The special kicked-up rear crossmember extends up into the bottom of the pick-up bed structure, but fits under the stock wood floor, to give a nice fit and added strength. The longer upper kick sections extend back to support the bed where it was only supported by wood before. Its design also allows the car to sit approximately 3 inches lower to give it better handling and a nice low look. CCR's A pick-up chassis was designed out of a desire for a better look, better handling, and a better way to build a pick-up. If you're currently re-doing a Model A pick-up or thinking about building one, this is definitely a better route than hassling with a Model A passenger car chassis and having to modify it.

The chassis comes in 4 stages of completion, so you can get it any way you need it. From a bare frame (Stage 1), to a frame with all brackets and mounts (Stage 2), to a nearly complete chassis (Stage 3), and a complete chassis (Stage 4) with front disc brake and rear-end housing.

STAGE 1 PICK-UP  Stage 1 is a bare frame, (main rails & front and rear crossmember) complete with all mounting holes and welded inserts. This frame has a modified rear crossmember designed specially for a Model A Pick-up. The Stage I bare frame gives you an excellent foundation for your pick-up to be built on. You can order it set up for a conventional Ford rear-end with coil-over shocks or for a Jaguar rear-end.

  •                     23113 • Stage 1 PU  for Coil-Overs      $1775.00
  •                     23118 • Stage 1 PU  for Jag                 $2075.00


  • 89417 Frame Webbing, 1 1/2" x 1/8"- 20' roll, (with adhesive)     $36.95
  • 89845 Frame/Body I.D. Plate     $4.95


STAGE 2 PICK-UP  Stage 2 gives you CCR's precision built frame, plus all of the brackets and mounts, jig welded into place. This is a great start and allows adding suspension parts as you go along.

  •                      23223 • Stage 2 PU  for Coil-Overs     $2875.00
  •                      23228 • Stage 2 PU  for Jag                $3175.00
  • Brake Line Package - (steel hardline)           add $680.00


STAGE 3 PICK-UP  Stage 3 gives you almost everything needed for a complete chassis. Included in the stage 3 are the front-end with shocks and 4-bar kit, Vega style steering box and suspension links, Master cylinder and pedal, Rear 4-bar kit with Panhard bar and Rear Coil-over shocks and mounting brackets.

  •                      23363 • Stage 3 PU  with Coil-Overs   $7705.00
  •                      23368 • Stage 3 PU  set up for Jag      $8420.00
  • Brake Line Package - (steel hardline)           add $680.00 

    • Assy. Charge for Will Call $280.00 (For Stage 3 chassis)


STAGE 4 PICK-UP  Stage 4 is the most complete chassis package we offer. It includes front disc brakes and GM calipers, 9' Ford style Rear-end housing, New Axles and bearings and Rear HD Drum brakes.

  •                       23473 • Stage 4 PU  with Coil-Overs   $10,150.00
  •                       23478 • Stage 4 PU  set up for Jag      $8875.00
  • Brake Line Package - (steel hardline)           add $680.00 

    • Assy. Charge for Will Call $400.00 (For Stage 4 chassis)


CHROME PACKAGES Chrome packages are available for the stage 3 and 4 chassis. Chart will show (*) for those items.        add $2550.00  (or pick your own items you'd like chrome)


  • I-Beam Axle                                           add $120.00
  • 3rd member (open)                      starting at $Call
  • 3rd member (posi)                        starting at $Call
  • Wilwood Front Disc Brakes                    add $480.00 
  • Wilwood Rear Disc Brakes                     add $380.00 
  • Polished Wilwood Front Disc Calipers   add $130.00 
  • Polished Wilwood Rear Disc Calipers     add $130.00 
  • Explorer Rear Disc Brakes                      add $???.00
  • Stainless Brake Line Package                add $820.00
  • Motor and transmission other than Small Block Chevy or Ford    starting at   $400.00
  • Clutch Pedal and Bracket for Manual Transmission    add $???.00