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Fuel Tanks & Parts



Printable Gas Tanks & Parts Section

GAS TANKS and PARTSWhen using CCR's hinged bed lid cover you have easy access to your gas tank and the battery, if you mount it in the bed. CCR offers a laser cut and Heli-arc welded 14-gallon tank which fits neatly into the 14" or 20" bed. The low-profile gas tank neck is designed to sit under our bed cover, not extend through it. Made of heavy 14 gauge steel, powder coated and ready to install. Comes with the mounting straps and hardware. CCR's gas tanks are laser cut and formed in only 2 pieces and have an internal baffle. They are completely Heli-arc welded and pressure tested in-house. The filler neck and sender unit have been repositioned for easier access. The tanks now have threaded bungs on the top for the vent and top pick-up fuel line. Billet aluminum O-ring gas cap included.(Roll-over vent valve with hose and fuel pick-up tube sold separately.)

  • 91614PC • 14 Gallon Gas Tank (30” x 11” x 11 1/2”) - powder coated gray        ea. $399.95
  • 91620 • 20 Gallon Gas Tank (30” x 15 1/2” x 11 1/2") - powder coated gray        ea. $Call
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TANK FITTINGS & PARTS - Building your own tank or just need the accessories? We have the right parts for your gas tank

  • 99640 • Tank Roll-over Vent Valve (with hose)                 ea. $21.95
  • 91630 • Fuel Pick-up Tube (3/8" female pipe, aluminum elbow)     ea. $23.95
  • 99625 • Aluminum Gas Cap, threaded with O-ring         ea. $29.95
  • 99629 • Steel Gas Cap Neck, threaded, weld-on           ea. $19.95
  • 99634 • Fuel Sending Unit Plate, weld-on                      ea. $19.95
  • 91641 • Fuel Sender (universal) 33/240 OHM                ea. $34.95
  • 91642 • Fuel Sender (for VDO gauges) 90 OHM            ea. $Call
  • 91643 • Fuel Sender (for Classic gauges) 75 OHM        ea. $Call
  •  Add $15.00 for boxing charge on gas tank
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BATTERY MOUNTING TRAY with STRAPDesigned to fit in the pick-up bed or Sportdeck, but will mount to any flat surface and holds an Optima battery

  • 91852 - Battery Mount Tray with hold down Strap         ea. $47.95 


CCR's Online Store is newly opened and we are adding more Quality parts daily. Please call (909-393-4005) or Email ( if there is something you were hoping to find but couldn't. If it is something we build or sell, we will get it on the site ASAP.