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Roadster Headers


Printable Roadster Headers Section

ROADSTER HEADERS - T' Buckets commonly use the outside headers. Designed to add a touch of class to your Roadster. The headers are available in the Classic style or a Sprint style. Both have high quality, chrome plating or coating and come complete with turnouts and mufflers.

  • 91550C • Headers-Small Block Chevy, Sprint style      pr $759.95
  • 91558C • Headers-Small Block Chevy, Classic style    pr $829.95
  • 91571C • Headers-Big Block Chevy, Sprint style (special order)     pr $ Call
  • 91552C • Headers-Ford, Sprint style                             pr $829.95
  • 91560C • Headers-Ford, Classic style                           pr $759.95
  • 91565JC • Turnout and Muffler coated                         pr $239.95
  • 91565C • Turnout and Muffler Set, chrome                   pr $239.95
  • 91550JC • Headers-Small Block Chevy, Sprint style coated     pr $769.95
  • 91558JC • Headers-Small Block Chevy, Classic style coated     pr $839.95

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