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T-Bucket Frames & Chassis


Printable T-Chassis & Body Parts List, (prices are not correct on the PDF's)


California Custom Roadsters, (CCR), is committed to offering the best chassis and component parts for your street rod. For over 40 years we have been building `T' bucket chassis for the street rod enthusiast. Although all 'T' chassis have similar looks and functions, there are many differences in design, quality, and strength. A close look at the details reveals the commitment we have to being the best.

CCR's chassis is completely Heli-arc welded in our precision fixtures. The frame is much more durable than most; built from 2" x 3" x 3/16" (.1875") tubing instead of the usual 1-1/2" x 3" x 1/8" (.125) used by others. The larger tubing means your chassis will be stronger, great if you use a big block. Also, your chassis will look nicer because the corners of the larger tubing we use have nice round edges instead of skinny, squarer edges found on smaller tubing. This is important because most of your chassis is exposed. All of the chassis brackets are made to blend into the chassis, not just welded on top, or on the side. For example, the front perch mounts under the frame, not over, so the front of your car shows the beautiful paint job and spring. The radius rod brackets mount under the frame, not on the side, once again for great appearance. The tie rod runs behind the axle, not way out in front, and the drag link runs parallel to the radius rods instead of crisscrossing them. The front of your `T', which is completely exposed, has a very clean, uncluttered look. The axle is out front, and everything else is cleanly placed behind it. The radius rods are made of 7/8"x .156 tubing, so they are strong and solid looking. The rear heavy duty Panhard bar is longer to eliminate shifting from side to side on narrower frames, like the `T'. From behind, your chassis retains an elegant look. The CCR chassis' ride is complimented by not only the front spring but a pair of shocks as well. For a great look and ride, the CCR chassis is your best choice.

STAGE 1..."T" bucket frame, completely Heli-arc welded and Precision fixtured. It's the best foundation you can build your "T" on. (Specify Bed style to be used).

  • 21102 • Bare Frame                                           $799.95
  • 21103 • Bare Frame with front perch (20"bed)   $860.95
  • 21105 • Bare Frame with front perch                  $860.95
  • 89417 Frame Webbing, 1 1/2" x 1/8"- 20' roll, (with adhesive)     $29.95
  • 89418 • Frame Webbing,  2" x 1/8"- 20' roll, (with adhesive)          $29.95
  • 89845 Frame/Body I.D. Plate     $3.95



STAGE 2 ... This stage gives you the frame with all the mounting brackets welded in place. Your chassis will be set up for the motor, transmission and rear-end you will be using. Specify the standard or long body and the bed type being used. (see the listing of included parts in the frame detail page)

  • 21222 • Stage 2 for rear spring                  $1590.95
  • 21224 • Stage 2 for coil-overs                    $1590.95
  • 21226 • Stage 2 for Jag. Rear-end             $1810.95
  • Power Brake bracket...Upgrade add $65.00


STAGE 3 ...This stage is newly designed to give you all the chassis components except for the Rear end Housing and Axles. Comes with a complete front end, steering and rear suspension bars & brackets, ready for the customer supplied housing and axles. (see the listing of included parts in the chassis detail page)

  • 21352 • Stage 3 with rear spring               $5490.00
  • 21354 • Stage 3 with rear coil-overs         $5490.00
  • 21356 • Stage 3 set-up for Jag rear          $5780.00
  • (No Jag rear-end included in price.)
  • Power Brake ..Upgrade add $250.00
  • Assembly Charge for Will Call ...(for Stage 3 chassis)              $280.00


STAGE 4 ... This "T" bucket chassis is our most popular chassis. With our Stage 4 you just need to add the front & rear brakes, wheels & tires and you're rolling. It is the best foundation for your car. (see the listing of included parts in the chassis detail page)

  • 21462 • Stage 4 with rear spring                $6995.00
  • 21464 • Stage 4 with rear coil-overs          $6995.00
  • 21466 • Stage 4 setup for Jag rear            $5700.00
  • (No Jag rear-end included in price.)
  • Power Brakes..Upgrade add $250.00
  • Assembly Charge for Will Call ...(for Stage 4 chassis)              $345.00
  • _________________________________________________________________________________
  • 21464-BA T-Complete Chassis, Stage 4 (Plus), with rear coil-overs. Same as what comes in the CCR deluxe Package     $9440.00
  • Power Brakes..Upgrade add $250.00
  • Assembly Charge for Will Call ...(For Stage 4 (Plus) chassis)   $400.00


    Chrome Packages ............ For Stage 3 and Stage 4 Chassis

    You can get your Stage 3 and Stage 4 chassis with chrome. It contains all of the parts on the chassis list marked with a star (*) beautifully chromed to give your car a show quality finish.

    • Stage 3 • Chrome Package *             add $2550.00
    • Stage 4 • Chrome Package *             add $2550.00

     CCR's Online Store is newly opened and we are adding more Quality parts daily. Please call (909-393-4005) or Email ( if there is something you were hoping to find but couldn't. If it is something we build or sell, we will get it on the site ASAP.