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GAS PEDALS-SPOON STYLE - Make driving easier with this stylish and popular Spoon shaped gas pedal assembly. With its splined shaft, adjusting for your driving comfort is no problem. Pedal assembly includes Teflon bushing for long wear (M-V style has bronze bushings). Assemblies work well with most throttle cables.

    • 79609 • Gas Pedal, Spoon Style, (Chrome)                 ea. $41.95
    • 79610MV • Gas Pedal, M-V Style (wide spread bushings), (Chrome with rubber insert)   ea. $99.95
    • 79611P • Gas Pedal, S/S Spoon Style (wide spread bushings), (Polished Stainless)           ea. $75.95


      GAS PEDALS, PIVOTING STYLE – CCR offers you the best gas pedal assemblies available. Splined, so it’s fully adjustable and the spring-loaded pad pivots to fit the angle of your foot. It makes driving more comfortable! Works well with most throttle cables. The pad on this style is larger than the Spoon style. Available in Chrome or Billet aluminum

      • 79612 • Oval Gas Pedal assembly, Lokar, (Billet aluminum with rubber inserts)      ea. $215.95
      • 79614 • Rectangle Gas Pedal assembly, Lokar, (Chrome with rubber inserts)      ea. $174.95


      BRAKE PEDAL PADS - You can get your Polished Stainless, Chrome or Billet aluminum brake pedal pad at CCR. A perfect match for the gas pedal assemblies. The bolt-on brake pedal pads have a rubber insert and are available in Round, Oval and Rectangular shapes. 1/2”-20 threaded mounting stud

        • 79600 • Round Pad, (Polished S/S with rubber insert)            ea. $32.95
        • 79604MV • Rectangle Pad, M-V Style, (Chrome with rubber insert)   ea. $37.95
        • 79606C • Round Pad, Knurled (Chrome)                                ea. $25.95
        • 79605 • Rectangle Pad, Lokar, (Chrome with rubber inserts)      ea. $81.95
        • 79602 • Oval Pad, Lokar (Billet aluminum with rubber inserts)   ea. $95.95


          DIMMER SWITCH COVERS – Finish off the interior of your hot rod with a floor mounted Dimmer Switch Cover. Pick the style that matches the pedals you’ve chosen

            • 79620 • Round Pad Dimmer Switch cover only, Lokar, (Chrome with rubber insert)     ea.$25.95
            • 79624 • Rectangle Pad, Dimmer Switch cover only, Lokar, (Chrome with rubber inserts)     ea.$25.95
            • 79625 • Oval Pad, Dimmer Switch cover only, Lokar, (Billet aluminum with rubber inserts)     ea.$29.95
            • 79626 • Round Pad Deco Dimmer Switch & Cover, (Polished billet aluminum, ribbed)     ea.$23.95


              FOOT REST PEGS - These foot rest pegs mount on your floor and give you that needed foot support on long trips. You don't need to hold up your foot anymore.

              • 79615 • Foot Rest                                              ea. $9.95
              • 79615B • Foot Rest Base                                  ea. $4.95


              THROTTLE CABLES, HI-TECH BRAIDED S/S & BLACK HOUSING STYLES - One of the hottest items available. The trick, Lokar braided stainless steel or black housing Throttle Cables come with aluminum end fittings, stainless inner wire and Specially extruded housing liner. Works great on most carburetors. Comes 24" long and you can cut-to-fit the length that you need.

              • 99001 • Throttle Cable, Braided S/S, Lokar                  ea. $88.95
              • 99001B • Throttle Cable, Black Braided S/S, Lokar      ea. $69.95
              • 99000 • Throttle Cable, Black Housing, Lokar               ea. $69.95



              • 99005 • Return Spring & Bracket, Lokar (stainless steel bracket & dual S/S springs)    ea. $47.95
              • 99009 • Dual Return Springs only, Stainless, Lokar       ea. $20.95


              KICKDOWN CABLES, HI-TECH BRAIDED S/S & BLACK HOUSING STYLES - If you're going for that hi-tech look, you'll want these S/S braided Kick down cables made by Lokar. These kickdown cables will match the S/S braided Throttle cables and Dipsticks.

              • 99100 • Kick Down Cable, Braided S/S, Lokar               ea. $98.95
              • 99100B • Kick Down Cable, Black Braided S/S, Lokar   ea. $98.95
              • 99099 • Kick Down Cable, Black Housing, Lokar            ea. $98.95
              • (fits TH350 Chevy, others can be special ordered)

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