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Printable Steering Section Price list

COMPLETE POLISHED REVERSED CORVAIR STEERING BOX CCR eliminates your hassles of having to deal with chrome and polish shops when you use our custom plated and polished, complete reversed Corvair steering box. This unit comes with custom polished, reversed and rebuilt box, chrome steering arm, chrome nut.

  • 31550P • Complete Reversed Steering Box Kit, Polished. Original Aluminum                    $740.95

FAD "T" REVERSED CORVAIR STEERING BOX The reversed Corvair steering box is perfect for "T"s because of its clean appearance and function. It's recommended for cars under 2000 pounds. We disassemble, clean, and inspect the box, replace worn bearings, and do all necessary machining to reverse the box, then reassemble it and adjust it, so you just bolt on and drive.

  • 31515 • Reversed Steering Box Only, new Flaming River, steel $459.95
  • 31515P • Reversed Steering Box Only, Polished (original aluminum) $640.00
  • 31515C • Reversed new steel Box, Chromed, Flaming River    $799.95
  • 31515TEC • New Machined Chromed, Flaming River        $999.95

  If you have a Corvair box already, CCR can reverse and rebuild it for you.

Labor • Labor to reverse and rebuild your Corvair Box (parts are extra) $ Call

CORVAIR STEERING BOX PARTS Everything you need to rebuild your Corvair steering box. Plug fills the hole at the bottom after reversing, the seals are used where the spline arm comes out for the pitman arm and shaft. 

  • 31523 • Plug for Corvair Box                                ea $2.50
  • 57506 • Corvair Seal (output shaft)                      ea $7.50
  • 57501U • Bearings (2 needed) - good used only ea $30.00
  • 57505 • Corvair Seal (input shaft)                        ea $7.95
  • 31522X • Machined Lid with Seal                   with exchange $44.95
  •                                                                           Polished add $10.00                                                                                                        
  • 57502 • Bronze Bushing (for output shaft)      ea $8.95
  • 91728    Corvair Shaft (specify top and bottom adapters being used.) ea $159.95


CORVAIR STEERING BOX BRACKET CCR's Corvair box bracket welds on the inside and top of your frame, and allows your box to be bolted-on at the correct angle. Bracket welds to inside of frame and box will mount on top of frame. Precision fixtured with correct angles for each body style.

  • 21702 • Corvair Box Bracket (standard body)     ea $37.95
  • 21704 • Corvair Box Bracket (long body)            ea $37.95


CORVAIR PITMAN ARM Custom Machined, Locates at any angle on the splined shaft

  • 31510 • Corvair Pitman Arm                                $72.95
  • 31510C • Chrome, Corvair Pitman Arm               $99.95
  • 31513 • Pitman Arm Nut and Washer                    $3.00
  • 31513C • Chrome, Pitman Arm Nut and Washer   $4.95


ORIGINAL CORVAIR COUPLER Original coupler has 2 bolts to clamp to shaft. This is an original part ground to provide clearance.

  • 91707 • Corvair Coupler, stock                  $37.95
  • 91707C • Corvair Coupler, Chrome           $49.95
CUSTOM CORVAIR COUPLER This small, 5/8 x 36 splined coupler should be used with stock type, or new, Corvair shafts (must be welded to shaft). 
  • 91708 • Custom Corvair Coupler             $39.95

UNIVERSAL JOINTS Possibly the finest! CCR carries a whole line of sizes. Call now and we'll get you what you need! Borgeson & Flaming River available. U-Joints

99722 • Slim Profile 5/8 - 36 x 3/4 - 36             $79.95

99723 • Billet 5/8 - 36 x 3/4 - 36                        $74.95

99727 • Billet 5/8 - 36 x 1" DD                           $74.95

99729 • Billet 5/8 - 36 x 3/4 DD                          $74.95

CCR's Online Store is newly opened and we are adding more Quality parts daily. Please call (909-393-4005) or Email ( if there is something you were hoping to find but couldn't. If it is something we build or sell, we will get it on the site ASAP.