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11502  CCR Plans Set 2, Building Front End

11502 CCR Plans Set 2, Building Front End

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Chassis Plans, Set 2 (only), Building Front End.

These are the longstanding blueprints for the Ted Brown and Bill Keifer designed CCR T-Bucket Chassis. Includes easy to follow instructions, full sized templates and build tips. Although the fabrication tools have changed a lot in the last 45 years, the unique CCR long Radius Rods and clean front suspension are still the benchmark for all the roadster chassis being sold. There have been many improvements that CCR has made to their chassis that are included in the Plans Sets and all the parts are available to buy for those that want to build some, but not all the parts themselves. (These are also available in a downloadable digital format through

Printable Plans Set Section

**The CCR Plans are for Private Use Only and not to build parts to re-sell or brand as California Custom Roadsters products**

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