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61020C-2 T-Windshield Posts, "Not Re-Chromed"

  • $ 19995


**The Windshield Posts will have a 20% re-stocking fee if returned**

T-Windshield Posts, "Not Re-Chromed", (set of 1 driver and 1 passenger). This is a cheaper alternative to the (#61020C's), the only difference is that these have not been re-chromed. They come with the Taiwan style chrome that is on them when we have them made and sometimes have blemishes not quite up to our standards. We also re-machine the frame channel and drill the holes out to the proper sizes which leave some chipped/sharp edges. Many people use these as they are, but you can paint or chrome them as you like... after you fit them to your body! These are CCR's own posts and fit our bodies great. They also fit the Total Performance bodies and, from our customers comments, the Spirit bodies as well. The posts have 3/8" through holes to mount to the body and countersunk 5/16" holes to the windshield (hardware kit #61020BK). The channels are 7/8" and fine for the Mr. Roadster/(Speedway) steel windshield material and of course the CCR windshield material (#58541).

When used on other bodies, fit them to the body first and get a dimension before ordering a windshield frame from us, CCR (# 61014, # 61016, # 61018, # 61022), or anyone else..

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