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62020-39 Square Windshield, Full Frame, 20" height, 39 5/8" wide

  • $ 25095


Please Note: This item ships as a 25 pound package to adjust for the special box and its large size compared to weight. Average UPS ground shipping charge for Windshield Frames is around $30 but will vary by zones

T-Windshield Frame, (windshield frame only, no posts or hardware) Solid Aluminum Full Frame style with Square upper corners, 20" height x 39 5/8" wide. This frame is 2 piece (the full horseshoe upper and a crossbar that goes just on top of the cowl) and is for non-CCR bodies). *The post to windshield holes must be drilled (by installer) once fit onto the body and should be done before installing the glass* (use CCR's Glass tape #61041).  The frame comes with (1) (5/16"-24) mirror hole per side. It is also available with (4) (5/16"-24) holes per side for the Hinge holes, these holes are also used (2 top holes) for mounting the Top Bow brackets.

(please follow up online orders with an email ( or a call (909 393-4005) if you would like the hinge holes. Frame also available Polished (#62020-39-P) 

 **Custom widths and Square Corners available as Special Orders and may take 1-2 weeks**    Please Call 909 393-4005 or email for more information**

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