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81026 T Pick-up Bed, 20" with License Recess

  • $ 65995

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*Pick-up Beds are now available to Order*


T Pick-up Bed, 20" style with License Recess (standard body).  Hand laid Fiberglass with integral Floorboard, this is not added, it is part of the mold for the part. This bed style has a nice cove for the license plate and also has ribs on the sides. CCR builds all the beds with a nice flat lip around the top for the Bed Cover to sit onto. The large bolt-on (15 bolts) Flange fits the back of the CCR Standard bodies perfect but works well on others also.

Please Note: This item ships as a 70 pound package to adjust for the special box and its large size compared to weight. Average, *Oversize*, UPS ground shipping charge for Pick-up Beds is around $150 but will vary by zones

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