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81055 Sportdeck and Lid, completely assembled with Latch & Hinges

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21103 T-Frame, w/ front Perch (20" Bed or Sportdeck)


CCR's fiberglass Sportdeck and Lid. completely assembled with Latch mechanism, Stainless Hinges, Rubber bumpers and a core-mat strengthened Lid. The Sportdeck is a different option for the back of the roadster bodies. This is a blend of the "too small" Turtle Deck and a 32' style rear trunk section. It offers more space than a 20" Pick-up bed, holds our 14 gallon gas tank and an Optima battery along with a couple folding chairs, tool bag, jackets and still has space to spare. It has a large flange and bolts on to the body in twenty spots, (15 of them duplicate the CCR bed holes). Gas tank (# 91617PC), cable kit (# 89824) and cable protector (# 89822-CP) sold separately. Dimensions, 41" wide x 28" front to back and 19" tall. The Lid opening measures 33" x 17". 

Please Note: This item ships by Truck because of its large size. Average shipping charge for the Sportdeck is around $200 but will vary by zones. When shipped, there is also a $35 boxing charge.

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