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81632 T-Grill Shell, 32' Style, Fiberglass, Chopped 6"

  • $ 15995


T-Grill Shell, 32' Style, hand laid Fiberglass, Chopped 6". This is the shell CCR uses on our cars using the 32' style. It is designed to the correct height matching the cowl so it doesn't appear to be going uphill. It also has the radiator mounting tabs (mounts/covers) at the bottom to make mounting easy and nice looking. CCR builds and offers the chopped S/S inserts for this shell (#81635). The Z-line heavy-duty Radiator (#91440) for this is built special for CCR by Walker. 

Please Note: This item ships as a 25 pound package to adjust for its large size compared to weight. Average UPS ground shipping charge for the Grill Shells is around $25 but will vary by zones


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