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21464-BA T-Complete Chassis, Stage 4-Plus

  • $ 6,45000

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21103 T-Frame, w/ front Perch (20" Bed or Sportdeck)


T-Complete Chassis, Stage 4-Plus. This Chassis is one step beyond the Stage 4 and is the same chassis CCR offers in our Deluxe Roadster Package. It has the front Wilwood brakes, Rear Currie drum brakes, a complete & installed Brake Line package and additional frame tabs, brackets, holes and crossmembers.


  • Stage 4 Chassis
  • Radiator Mounting Tabs, (Standard or 32’ style)
  • Headlight Stands, (Weld-on or Bolt-on style)
  • Grounding Lug
  • Mounting Tab & Holes for Transmission Cooler
  • Headlight Conduit Tabs
  • ID Tag & Mounting Holes
  • Gas Tank Strap Mounting Plates with Additional Crossmember
  • Body & Bed Holes Tapped into Frame, (specify Body Type)
  • Clamps & Tabs for Fuel Line on frame rail
  • Front Wilwood Brake Kit, (Black Caliper, .810 rotor)
  • Rear Drum Brake Kit, (HD, 11”)
  • Brake Lines, (formed and installed), with Correct Valves & S/S Flex Lines…(complete)

***Coil-over brackets location and Upper rear kick-length vary, (depending on 14” Bed, 20” Bed or Sportdeck), and change the Radius rod lengths and rear wheel location***

Stage 4-Plus Chassis are built to order (to a specific Body, Bed, Motor/Trans and style of Radiator)  and require 5 to 8 weeks lead time** (Chassis can be will called or must be shipped by Truck)  contact CCR for more information and shipping quotes

Printable T-Chassis & Body Parts Price List

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