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21464 T-Chassis, Stage 4, Coil-over Rear style

21464 T-Chassis, Stage 4, Coil-over Rear style

  • $ 6,99500

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21103 T-Frame, w/ front Perch (20" Bed or Sportdeck)


T-Chassis, Stage 4, Coil-over Rear style.

Because of the constant price increases, (and a few suppliers that give us no current pricing until our orders are placed), we will have to give the actual total price, (or Add-on) to the price of this chassis when the order is processed. There will be a link soon, as an add-on to this Chassis

*(Housing and Axles adjustment add-on......$155 as of 7/6/23)*

STAGE 4 CHASSIS includes

  • Frame with Front & Rear Crossmembers, (Stage 1)
  • Front Spring Perch
  • Motor Mount Frame Brackets
  • Corvair Steering Box Mount, (Standard or Long Body style)
  • Radius Rod Hangers with Gussets
  • Transmission Crossmember with Drop-out Tabs
  • Master Cylinder Bracket with Pedal Pivot & Gusset Tab
  • Upper Rear Coil-Over Mounts
  • Panhard Bar Mount Tab
  • Front Shock Towers
  • Brake Line Adapter Tabs (4), (Inverted Flare or AN style)
  • Front Top Perch Plate & Bolt Kit *
  • Front Multi-Leaf Spring *
  • Front Shackles *
  • Shackle Hangers *
  • Front Axle with Brackets *
  • Spindles with Bushings & Kingpins Installed *
  • Steering Arms *
  • Tie Rod with Ends *
  • Front Radius Rods with Ends, (51”) *
  • Motor Mounts & Rubber Biscuit Mounts, (SB Chevy , BB Chevy or SB Ford) *
  • Transmission Drop-out Bracket, (specify style)
  • Rear Radius Rods with Ends, (37.25”, 41.25”, 43.25”) *
  • Rear Radius Rod Housing Brackets
  • Rear Coil-Over Shock Housing Brackets
  • Rear Coil-Over Shocks & Bolt Kit *
  • Panhard Bar with Ends & Housing Bracket *
  • Radius Rod Tie Brackets & Bolt Kit *
  • Reversed Corvair Style Steering Box, New
  • Pitman Arm *
  • Drag Link with Ends, (51” or 44.5”) *
  • Front Shocks & Mounting Bolt Kit *
  • Front, Lower Shock Mount Plates *
  • Front, Lower Shock Mount Studs *
  • Master Cylinder, (disc/drum or disc/disc)
  • Brake Pedal Arm & Push Rod Kit *

  • Currie, 9” Ford Style Rear End Housing (new), (57” or 58” overall)
  • Axle Package with Bearings & Seals, 28 or 31 spline, new, (31 spline is standard) (28 spline is extra)

Items included with Chrome Package when added *

***Coil-over brackets location and Upper rear kick-length vary, (depending on 14” Bed, 20” Bed or Sportdeck), and change the Radius rod lengths and rear wheel location***

**Due to the extreme price increases on tubing, brackets and other supplies from vendors, our Frames and Chassis have gone up significantly. We are sorry for this, but it's out of our control**

Stage 4 Chassis are built to order (to a specific Body, Bed, Motor/Trans and style of Radiator)  and require at least 10 to 12 weeks lead time** (Chassis can be will called or must be shipped by Truck) contact CCR for more information and shipping quotes

Printable T-Chassis & Body Parts List (prices on the PDF's are not correct)

Please call (909-393-4005) or Email (

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